A true Italian small city with a rich past.


Etruscans were the ancient people that populated and controlled large part of Central Italy before the Romans. The city Tarch(u)na after which Tarquinia was named was one of the most ancient and important Etruscan cities. Today, the UNESCO-listed Etruscan necropolis (cemeteries) of Tarquinia is the most visible sign left of this once great civilization and a place worth visiting. The necropolis with its richly decorated tombs, the oldest of which dates to the 7th century BC, is a unique testimony to this vanished culture. Another place well worth visiting is the Etruscan museum of Tarquinia, which is regarded the best Etruscan museum outside of Rome. For more information on necropolis and the museum click here.


Tarquinia also has a well-preserved medieval old town of great charm. Its most notable feature are the unique medieval towerhouses. A stroll through the narrow streets of the old town will take you back in time to the medieval Corneto by which name Tarquinia was known then. Between narrow streets and impressive towerhouses there are charming piazzas and beautiful churches and buildings of great architectural value. In the north and the east the city walls offer stunning panoramic views to the hills, the sea and the countryside below. The following list of "10 things to see in Tarquinia" covers the main sights of the old town quite well. Click here to follow the link.


In many places in Italy, travelers can feel lost amidst hordes of tourists. Being off the beaten path Tarquinia is different. Here you can experience authentic, everyday small-town Italy unspoiled by mass tourism. Tarquinians appreciate every single visitor and treat them very well. You will not feel exploited or devalued here. Tarquinia is also a relatively safe small city, where you can stroll around at any time of the day without encountering any problems.

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In Tarquinia there is a amazing variety of festivals and celebrations throughout the year. The most spectacular of them include the Easter Sunday celebration of Cristo risorto (risen Christ) and the 'Giostra delle Contrade', a medieval horse race arranged yearly in the turn of May and June. In summertime there is some festival going on almost every weekend. Most of them have something to do with gastronomy. Most famous of them is Divino Etrusco, a wine tasting festival held in August.


Tarquinia's central location and its proximity to major cultural centers and other cities of interest make it an excellent destination for tourists. It is also very easy to reach. Tarquinia is located just 15 minutes from the Port of Civitavecchia, 40 minutes from Viterbo, less than an hour's drive from Fiumicino Airport and little more than one hour from the center of Rome. Most of Southern Tuscany is within a one-hour drive or less.


There are well over hundred bars, restaurants and cafés in Tarquinia, so you don't need to look hard if you feel like eating out or if you just need a place to sit and watch people. Most of them are located in the city, but there are dozens of them outside the city as well, mostly in Lido di Tarquinia. We at Villa Linnazello have prepared for our guests a list of our favourite restaurants to help you to get started.

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